Ya Can’t Make This Stuff Up!

Okay, you can. But I didn’t. And they didn’t either.

Everyone loved the copy! Thanks for making my job so easy!
Suzanne Cohen
Director of Marketing, Luxury & Design Brands at Starwood Hotels & Resorts Worldwide, Inc.
Josh Coen may be the world’s best copywriter! (Well, at least in the top 10 world-wide.) He’s fabulous to work with and he found just the right tone. He took my words and made them sound so much better, and more like, me!
Sylvia FerroNyalka
Having the opportunity to work with Josh on several projects last year, including copy on our marketing brochure, case for support, annual report, and year-end appeal, has been a great experience and I would highly recommend him for any and all copy work in the non-profit and corporate world. He is professional, insightful, creative and produces excellent results on time.
Elizabeth McKibbin
Development Manager, Girls Incorporated of Orange County
I'm always amazed by Josh. I'm so impressed that he can write what he does given how little he knows about our business. Also, I'm impressed with how engaging his writing style is — he sucks me in and has me turning pages to see what's next.
Cymantha Atkinson
Integrated Waste Management Department of Orange County
I am speechless. I love it! You totally captured what he was saying. You are amazing!
Kim Sherman
Founder & President, Echo Media Group
I love your humor and my colleague and I just spent the most delightful 15 minutes hooting and laughing at your great copy (no offense intended)
Judy Shinn
Director of Marketing, Safe & Civil Schools
We needed help to clarify our product positioning and communicate our unique message creatively and effectively — Josh came through for us! When it's mission critical, you can bet I've already contacted him; through e-mail, phone, and WebEx demonstrations, we are able to produce outstanding materials as if he worked in the same room. I would recommend Josh to anyone who views marketing and communication as the most important tool for making money.
Heather D. Keziah
Marketing Director, 

We were struggling with the copy for our website when we discovered Josh's Brain. Our initial hesitancy to work with someone we had never met was alleviated by the focused and concise questions that he asked us about our clients, business, tools, and what we deliver. He took what we told him and distilled it into cohesive sentences that said more about us than what we had said. When the copy came back for approval, we were surprised at how well he had captured the essence of what we do and who we are. Josh was fun, easy to work with, very professional, and came up with very creative ideas for our copy. We continue to use him for various projects because the bottom line is, he says it better than we do!
Kathy O’Donnell and Diana Redmond
O'Donnell Redmond, Inc. - Corporate Training and Coaching, San Francisco, CA
You are a wonderful writer! I love the copy on our AMA postcards.
Jodi Sommers
Past President, American Marketing Association - South West Oregon
You are so amazing...have I told you that lately? You totally rock.
J. Moore
Graphic Designer
My experiences with Josh have been great. He is not only creative but incredibly fast and resourceful in meeting my rapid and extremely short timelines.
Steven Rosen
VP Corporate Sales, j2 Global Communications
Just wanted to say thank you and great job. This is just the tone we were looking for. It is amazing how much difference a good creative writer makes!
Jodi Kayler
Marketing Communications Manager, Moss Adams - Spokane, WA
I assume Josh is a middle-aged male with a mohawk, but I don't know because we've never met in person. It hasn't stopped us from producing terrific work that has helped Lucid Marketing dramatically.
Kevin Burke
Founder, Lucid Marketing
This is PERFECT!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!  Very well done. Thank you very, very much.
Steve Norton
Visionary & President, Steve Norton Perspectives
We can always count on Josh’s creativity and quick turn-around. When we need an infusion of on-target ideas, he’s our go-to guy.
Jay Cooper
Senior Vice President, Archer/Malmo - Memphis, TN
This is absolutely great. Not only the earliness (really appreciate it!) but the copy. I love it. It's always fun working with what you come up with.
Annie Vrijmoet
Principal, Vrijmoet Design


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