Mind. Body Copy. And Soul.

Okay, change of plans: this page is really about you.

Yes, you’ll still learn exceptionally important details, like my name (Hi, I'm Josh Coen!) and my experience… my degree in communications and advertising from CSUF, one of the industry’s top schools; my ad agency training; my ghostwriter certification; my inspiring plight as a recovering Adaholic; and the deep knowledge and expertise that come with successfully freelancing since 1991.

In other words, you know I’ve got the brainpower it takes to do really miraculous things with your messaging.

And you’ll also find out that I can write crazy-good copy for all kinds of marketing — communication that not only has won plenty of performance awards for some of the world’s most interesting companies, but that has won hearts. And not because it’s filled with flashy promises or cheap entertainment, but rather because it’s steeped in substance and authenticity and founded on rock-solid, engaging, and meaningful concept, no matter what the medium. That’s where the soul comes in — and where we get back to you.

You’re not looking to make your life more complicated or your projects tedious and uninspired. And I’m not either.

So you’ll be glad to know I listen deeply. I’m sharply intuitive and purposefully creative. I care about communicating the true soul of your business to your market. And I commit fully, never simply going through the motions. You won’t believe what all that does for a smooth, easy workflow, dead-center results, and the value you get from working with me.

But enough about Me.

Take a peek at You

Curiouser and Curiouser

Are you related to the Coen brothers?

Yes, just not the famous movie-making ones!

CSUF? Ghostwriter certification? Details! Details!

CSUF is California State University at Fullerton, which runs one of the best Schools of Communications in the nation. I graduated with a degree in Communications with an emphasis in Advertising.

The Ghostwriter Certification? I was one of the first trained in this unique and first-of-its-kind program — now a professional designation at California State University at Long Beach. I discovered I already excelled at ghostwriting because the skill of writing from another's perspective and accurately capturing his or her personality and character is something I mastered as a really good copywriter.

What are three other things about you?

Written and marketing communication is my profession, but I also practice the fine art of communicating in other ways... as an animal communicator, a blues musician, and an innovative educator.