Everything’s custom-made for you.

Including the price.

I get it. Price can tell you whether I fit your budget. And if you knew that price now, it would save you the trouble of contacting me for an estimate and risking possible awkwardness if my price ends up being above what you had in mind.

The guy ordering the custom car runs into the same challenge. Except the car’s final price can be easily tallied based on set prices for components and options. My price, on the other hand, is based partly on what I provide (read the rest of this site for that info) and partly on the process, needs, and time management that you bring to the table. Luckily, I can get pretty close to that price based on questions in my Get An Estimate form. So before you know it, you can actually have the pricing answers you are looking for.

Still want a ballpark? Here are a few sample projects, each with a price range based on some basic details.

Full-Page Ad

Concepting & copy


Tri-Fold Rack-Style Brochure

Cover concept, headlines, and body copy for six panels based on input


Banner Ad Campaign

5-ad series, two panels each



10 pages, including keywords for SEO, headlines, and body copy



What could affect your final price?

  • Length of copy
  • Type of copy
  • Concepting time
  • Condition of existing copy
  • Amount of research necessary
  • Number of phone calls or virtual meetings
  • Number of people involved in the input and review process
  • How organized you and your input are
  • Your deadline

Curiouser and Curiouser

Will you match prices?

Yes. I will match my price to your project perfectly. You'll get just what you were hoping for! Wait, did you mean something else? Then no, I won't raise my prices to match someone else's! The price I quote is my fair estimate of what I think it will take to do exactly what you are requesting. I'm worth that, and I know you are, too.

Why should I hire you when I can get things cheaper at one of the freelance sites?

That's really a question only you can answer. If you are using those sites, you may be most interested in the lowest price. If you are more interested in a personal relationship with someone, peace-of-mind, reliability, a certain kind of creativity or style, a smooth process, or a really good experience every time, then you would likely find yourself at a site like mine. Oh wait, you did! Good job.

Can you just tell me your hourly rate?

I prefer to give you a price for a particular project. It takes into consideration what I know I can deliver, how much time it will take based on my experience, and many other elements that only I, as the service provider, can put a price on. That's why it doesn't really make sense to simply collect hourly rates and compare writers. We all do things differently: some more quickly, more creatively, or more expertly, others not so much.

I'll give you one example that has come up often over my career. People often come to me after poor experiences with other writers. They report that they had to go through revision after revision and still weren't getting what they hoped for. On the other hand, the feedback I hear the most is that I "get it." I quickly understand what needs to be done and write copy that is really on-target the first time around. If you hired strictly on the hourly rate that sounds best, would you really come out with the experience you are looking for?