Finally, the Dog and Pony Show.

From pet products to horsepower… but enough about industries and product categories. You can imagine the ground I’ve covered over the last few decades (or you can see some of the companies I’ve worked with). Turns out, good, solid writing and sound creativity can work wonders on anything.

Curiouser and Curiouser

Do you have experience in (insert industry or category here)?

I've been a professional copywriter since 1989, so there's a good chance I have experience in what you are looking for. If you feel that's critical to your project and want to know for sure, just shoot me an email and I'll spill the beans. Of course, experience in a particular industry or product category isn't always as important as it sounds. I answer a question about what is often more important over here.

Which parts of your portfolio samples did you write?

Unless explained otherwise, I came up with the concepts (the ideas and driving headlines) and all the body copy. A good example of a concept is the Feynman Group campaign. The goal was to put this local tech company on the map and help customers get past the potentially confusing name, Feynman. One of my ideas was to play up that confusion in their radio ads by referring to them as Feyn-Man, like a superhero's name. The tagline I wrote for the campaign then supported that idea and the company's positioning perfectly: "Give your network superpowers."