The Perfect ‘Storm.

When the right elements line up, you can enjoy the bliss and smooth sailing that comes from the ultimate meeting of the minds — the ideal brainstorm. Here are the steps I take Before, During, and After each project to make your experience as perfect as possible.


Free 10-Minute Consultation.

Though this site is good insight into who I am and what I do, sometimes you just want to make a human connection, ask some other questions, and make sure the synergy is right. Usually a 10-minute call does the trick and gets us started on the right foot. If you have questions or would like to set something up, email me!

Peace-of-Mind Estimates.

I start our projects off with estimates based on the details you provide. As long as the project direction doesn’t change, I do my best to keep costs the same as quoted. Get an estimate now!

Looking for prices?

Good Faith Deposit.

I ask 50% of the project to begin, the remainder upon completion. Checks (U.S.), bank transfers, and credit cards through PayPal and Square are all fine.


Yes, send over your non-disclosure agreement if you require it and I will happily sign and keep your details safe and sound.


Creative Brief.

A simple creative brief can do wonders to focus the project, gather all the necessary information, and make sure I am taking the creative and writing in the right direction. If you don’t already have one, I’ll have you complete one of mine.

Fact-Finding & Meetings.

The usual suspects — telephone, email, Skype, GoToMeeting, and others — make it easy to work together no matter where you are in the world.


I include up to two rounds of revisions with most projects, which is usually plenty to get us to the end zone. This structure also helps teams focus on gathering their thoughts, discussing changes, and reaching consensus. While I often throw in small extra revisions if necessary, bigger stuff past the initial two rounds may be billed extra (I will always let you know).



As mentioned under Deposits, I request the remainder of the project price upon completion. Checks (U.S.), bank transfers, and credit cards through PayPal and Square are all fine. I will send an invoice detailing everything.


Upon payment in full, ownership of the writing outlined in the estimate transfers to you and you may use it any way you wish.

Curiouser and Curiouser

Can you write some sample copy for me on spec?

You mean that if you like it you pay for it and if not, no charge? I realize it takes a bit of faith to hire someone and hope he comes through in the way you wish. But life is full of these scenarios, from ordering a meal at a restaurant to going to a movie or commissioning a painting. You look at the specs and facts, read the reviews, view other works from the same source, and then make an educated decision. Unless there's some major malfunction, you should come out alright.

I've done my best on this site to give you a feel for who I am, what I've done, and what I can do for you. Have you also requested an estimate? Scheduled your free 10-minute call? Then you'll come out alright — and with no chance of any malfunction. A lifetime of integrity has you covered.

In case that wasn't clear, no, I don't write copy on spec. But you're in good hands.