My Creative Brain. Your Authentic Business. Aww, Soul Mates.

Your business isn’t an ad campaign. It’s not an attention-seeking, news-making, viral-going promotion. It’s not made of hype or inflated claims. It isn’t even what you hope to eventually be or what you want your customers to believe you are.

It’s what you already are. Your essence. Your mojo. Your authentic self.

You already know who that is.

You know what you offer, how it helps, and the level of integrity and quality it embodies. I’m not in the business of creating any of that for you.

I am in the business of helping you connect with your world and communicate who you are to your customers, employees, partners, vendors, investors, supporters, and fans — honestly, clearly, genuinely, emotionally, respectfully, and creatively.

If you’re ready for a meaningful dialogue with your stakeholders; if you have something — a product or service, mission or dream — that you feel adds true value and positivity to our world; if you embody integrity, good ethics, and pure intentions; if you want to get your mojo working so that it works on those most important to you, then I’m ready to help.

Take a look at
how it all works…

Curiouser and Curiouser

It sounds like you are selective about who you work with. Would you really turn down business?

Yes, it's true. You deserve to have someone on your side who loves what you do; who resonates with how you do it; and who can translate those good feelings into something wonderful. Why would you settle for anything less? When we work together, you won't have to!

I just want results. Do you offer a guarantee?

I wish the written word was as powerful as they say! Unfortunately, it's not the only element that contributes to your marketing results. Design, media, placement, timing, targeting, reputation, product or service performance, and any number of other things — all out of my control — each play a role.

However, I do guarantee you'll get the kind of high quality work you see here on this site. And I guarantee I will put all of my expertise, creativity, experience, and attention into writing the kind of copy that you are looking for and that your stated market wants to read.

I need a writer experienced in (fill in blank). Are you him?

I could be. I've been freelancing since 1991, so have covered a lot of ground. But better questions might be: Are you a really good writer who makes any messaging a pleasure to read or hear? Are you able to quickly grasp new processes and industry-specific complexities and turn them into easy-to-understand communication? Do you approach your concepts, ideas, strategies, and writing with a high level of (appropriate) creativity?

Someone with experience in your particular interest may have just that — but none of the other attributes mentioned above. Care to imagine the results?

So while I may have exactly the experience you are looking for — and which would most certainly help us hit the ground running — I also can answer "yes" to all those other questions. Wouldn't you rather have that kind of versatility and skill level on your side?